Zombocalypse Ready: Map of the Dead

Another new segment that I will hopefully being doing on a somewhat regular basis is Zombocalypse Ready. Where we will be doing our all to have your ready and at your most preparedness for the unavoidable future of zombie apocalypse. I believe that like the Y2K apocalypse before this, you can never be too ready for the fighting armies of the undead. Read the rest of this page »


Y U NO Play Top Shop?

Y U NO is a new segment I am starting to focus in on the neglected gems in gaming, movies or tech. These are some underrated products in my opinion that would recommend to give a chance if you haven’t already. I hope to intice you into giving some of these treasures a chance, because you may be missing out on more than you think. Read the rest of this page »

Top 10 Most Memorable Gaming Tunes

Now don’t mistake this for the Top Ten Best gaming tunes this is simply a list of gaming tunes that we can all recognize and relate to. If there is a tune here you haven’t heard before, I so kindly included a link to a Youtube video that will play it for you, now quickly click them before they are taken down for copyright violation!

10. Marvel Vs Capcom 2 – Gonna take you for a Ride

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Arkeg: Drink and Game [Update]

A company called Allstarcade is looking to reinvent the way you play arcade games in a pretty unique way. It seems like a dream come true for a college student when you can have a machine that booth allows you to play video games and get your drank on at the same time. Arkeg is an old school arcade cabinet with a very sleek and sexy look to it. Black vinyl siding with a shiny aluminum control panel, it’s enough to make any gamer’s mouth water, but what will really make you salivate about this machine is it’s built in beer keg with tap attached at the left side of the machine. Not to say that it can only be used for beer, the company says they have hosted a few parties where it was stock full of alternative beverages such as root beer or soda. Read the rest of this page »

Blackberry’s Answer to the iPad

Earlier today Research in Motion revealed announced their Blackberry Playbook. A professional grade tablet with a new Blackberry Tablet OS. Some of the stats we do know are: Read the rest of this page »

8-bit Battle

Have you ever wanted to watch a movie of a guy wearing only boxers beat up a bunch of bugs to save a girl who somehow controls whether or not the world is 2 dimensional or 3? Well take a look at this video called 8-bit. It is a great throwback to the way games used to be. A time in which the average player didn’t have to worry about storyline or character development. The main thing on your mind was either time your jumps properly or beat the clock.