Diablo 3 Open Beta Available Now!

If you have a Battle.net account already then you should head on over and download the Diablo 3 open beta client now for the free weekend pass.


  1. Go to Battle.net
  2. Sign in
  3. Go to the Account tab
  4. Click on “Download Game Clients”
  5. Go Down to Diablo 3 and verify your age.
  6. Download Client
  7. Throw Hot Pockets in microwave
  8. Play Diablo 3 Until Sunday Night

Head over to Battle.net now to claim your Beta.


2 Minute Review For You: Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands

Blizzard Pays Homage to Themselves in Starcraft 2.

Well it has finally arrived, Starcraft 2 has finally hit stores and Blizzards pockets are just another few miles deeper. For those of us who went to the midnight launches that were happening almost anywhere that sold the game were treated to quite the smooth connection to battlenet last night. So far there hasn’t been any huge outages or major bugs found. If you were anything like myself and jumped straight into the campaign to see what it was all about, you may have found some of the little tidbit throwbacks Blizzard threw in there for their hardcore fans.


5 Flash Games to keep you busy at work.

Now of course while at work you are supposed to be, well you know working. However that can toll a hefty price on your brains after 4 straight hours of code cracking, spread sheeting, telemarketing or whatever it is you do. So why not treat yourself to a little entertainment? Who’s to say you haven’t earned it. Now don’t get me wrong, even if you aren’t at work you are welcome to partake in these flash gems.


Rating: 3 and a half Severed Lego heads out of 5

You are some guy and there are zombies! ZOMG. Sometimes demons as well lol. It is a great little top view shooter to kill an immense amount of your employers time. The art style very much reminds me that of a cell shaded Lego game. If you enjoyed games like SMASH TV this game has your name all over it. Features include upgradeable weapons, many levels to choose from and destructible items. Overall a pretty solid flash shooter.


Games you should have played… But probably didn’t.

I thought i would post some games here today that I myself really enjoy but, not many have ethier heard of them or played it for themselves.


Platform: Playstation

Why it’s worth a look: This is a great Party game. Up to 8 people can play at a time and is very board game like. You spin a pencil in the same fasion as you would dice and move to different spaces along the board. When you land in a space you can choose to open up a store in that space and stock it with high priced or low priced goods. When someone lands on your store they have to buy something making you money. You can also buy multible spaces in the same part of the mall and expand your store allowing for more expensive items and more storage space to hold them. The object of the game is the first to reach a set number of gross income wins. I know when you read this it may sound lame but, let me tell you it is a load of fun. there are many twists that can happen throughout the game as well that can completely change the rules or change the current standings to the complete opposite.