Bethesda’s Announcement Tomorrow? [Update!]

Bethesda just posted this picture on their twitter [Bethblogearlier today. No other information came with it besides the word “Tomorrow” beside it. We are speculating they will finally show us all some more footage of their new IP Dishonored. It was shown to us last year in Game Informer Magazine and nothing has really been shown of it since.

Of course this is still speculation, What do you think it could be?


Today Bethesda released the first trailer for their new game Dishonored, (which is what I had predicted yesterday) and it looks very interesting. Something like a first person Assassins Creed. It will be interesting to see if they go with the same kind of cookie cutter gameplay they go with in most off their other games or if this will be something new all in its self. It is being headed by a different developer however, Arkane Studios in France.

Take a look at the trailer below.


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